Common Weighs In On Kanye West’s Meeting With Donald Trump and Says “We All Must Work Together”


(AllHipHop News) Kanye West and Common will remain good friends, despite having a sharp difference in political opinions.

Kanye West drew headlines when he took a 15 minute meeting with Donald Trump.

Kanye said the two men discussed a number of issues, including curbing the violence in Chicago, supporting teachers, and putting an end to bullying.

Common, who said he was voting for Hillary Clinton in the election, looked clearly at odds with Kanye when TMZ caught him leaving Equinox in West Hollywood earlier today.

However, Common refused to say anything bad about Kanye.

“Kanye, that’s my brother,” Common told

“That’s my family right there, he’s going to do what he chooses to do. I think a lot of the change that we are looking for is going to happen from the people, the powers in the people,” Common said.

“It’s going to be us that really galvanizes no matter what color you are, look out for each other, start economically supporting each other, holding politicians accountable, and finding out what’s going on with mass incarceration and changing some of these laws that’s jailing people,” Common continued.

“So you know but to answer your question, Kanye, that’s my guy, that’s my homie and that’s always going to be my brother,” Common added. “Some things he does, that’s what he chooses to do, I know I do the things I know I’m going to do things the way I choose to do them and we’re going to do them together, that’s how love goes.”

If Common does end up working with Donald Trump, it’s a stark contrast to the tone he took in September.

During an interview on “The View” Common said, “Donald Trump is just not prepared to be a president.”

“He’s not that type of person that should be a president.”