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Jay-Z Taps Nas, Kanye West, Too Short And More For “NBA 2K13” Soundtrack

(AllHipHop News) Following yesterday’s announcement that Jay-Z would be executive producing 2K Sports’ “NBA 2k13” video game, fan interest regarding the mogul’s involvement with the game was high.

Today (July 31), it was revealed that, in addition to putting the game’s soundtrack together, Jay would be working directly with developers on off-court aspects of the game, including menus, intro/outro videos, and much more.

In addition to two tracks from his own illustrious career – “Public Service Announcement” and “On to the Next One” – Jay-Z also snagged records from the likes of Hip-Hop icons Too Short (“Blow the Whistle”), Eric B. and Rakim (“I Ain’t No Joke), Nas (“The World Is Yours”), Mobb Deep  (“Shook One’s Pt. II), and Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music ensemble (“Mercy”).

Artists from other genres like U2, Santigold, Daft Punk, Roy Ayers, and Coldplay will contribute some of their most popular tracks to the games soundtrack as well.

2K Sports’ V.P. of Marketing Jason Argent told Billboard that Jay-Z’s role goes far beyond just putting together the game’s soundtrack. “Jay is completely obsessed with authenticity so right off the bat, he said ‘Look, I love this franchise and I love this game, but if you want me to be involved, I need to be truly involved. I want to actually help make this game.

“We wanted him to truly be involved from a behind-the-scenes production standpoint,” Argent told Billboard. “[With] his involvement within the league, he brought such a level of understanding to what we were trying to accomplish… I think the final product will reflect that level of excitement that he had.”

Check out a full list of songs from the “NBA 2K13” soundtrack below:

The Hours – “Ali in the Jungle”
Too Short – “Blow The Whistle (Main)”
Eric B. and Rakim – “I Ain’t No Joke”
Phoenix – “1901”
Jay-Z – “Pump It Up (Freestyle)”
Puff Daddy and the Family – “Victory” (feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes
Daft Punk – “Around the World (Radio Edit)”
Santigold – “Shove It” (feat. Spank Rock)
Kanye West – “Amazing”
Jay-Z – “Run This Town”
The Dirty Projectors – “Stillness is the Move”
Nas – “The World is Yours”
Coldplay – “Viva La Vida”
Roy Ayers – “We Live in Brooklyn, Baby”
Justice – “Stress”
Jay-Z – “The Bounce”
Kanye West – “We Major” (feat. Nas & Really Doe)
Mobb Deep – “Shook Ones, Pt. II”
Meek Mill – “Ima Boss — Instrumental”
Kanye West – “Mercy” (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
U2 – “Elevation”
Jay-Z – “On to the Next One”
Jay-Z – “Public Service Announcement”
Jay-Z – “H.A.M. (Instrumental)”

“NBA 2K13” will be released on October 2.

  • King Cold

    nice lil soundtrack. watch kanye and jay be players in the game haha

  • Anything that has Jay’z name stamped on it usuially suceeds!! Aslute to NBA2k

    • digitallife

      Ummm not true..what happened to that nyc realty company? What happened to the line of salons? What happened to the nyc hotel? What happened to the software company? all multi million dollar failures..the worst of them being the $20 million lost within 4 months on a realty company he was in with deniro on.

      • Apollo Showtime

        We’re talking about Jay-Z + Music here. He never fails musically…Well besides Kindom Come, but he’s been #1 in the game since Hard Knock Life.

      • digitallife

        And I quote ” Anything that has jay-z name stamped on it” where exactly do you isolate music as your point? Him being #1 is debatable, jay-z fell off around kingdom come back and has been mailing it home since and yes i’m a jay-z fan…musically.

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    Doin it! Can’t wait til this come out #NBA2K13

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  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    finally some music I will actually like as I whip some ass online

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  • iamKingG

    this will be hot follow me @kingg15

  • digitallife

    Good ish..but I don’t buy shit from that company..not hating but picking out 12 second videos and a song playlist now makes you executive producer of a video game? Don’t executive producers works on something from day one til it’s completion?

    • Apollo Showtime

      NOPE! An executive producer chooses the final tracklisting and beats to go on the album before it’s shipped.

      • digitallife

        You state this based on your experience in the creative world? Because I both music and video. Now me for instance I do have ascap and BMI credited work so i’m inclined to have lets say a bit of experience dealing with people’s roles on projects. What’s yours? Executive producers hands are involved from day one until the product hits the consumers hands…that’s not the case here so is he executive producer legitamately. Oh wait he just bought a 1% stake in a basketball team owns minimal rights to the logo and has a big name that appeals to their core market..that can’t quite possibly be why nba2k13 is giving him a ghost role in their game…

  • mars_manfrom

    86’d & hopefully soon.