Cam'ron Says New Yorkers Are Soft When It Comes To Situations Like Mike Brown's Killing (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Harlem rapper Cam’ron is the latest Hip Hop figure to weigh in on the killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson. While speaking with Montreality, Cam compares Brown’s death at the hands of a cop to other unarmed citizens who were killed by police in New York City.

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Cam refers to Eric Garner who was choked to death by a New York cop in July, and he mentions Sean Bell who was shot at 50 times by NYPD cops in 2006. According to Cam’ron, NYC did not take a stand against those police killings the way the people in Ferguson have done.

Cam’ron said about the killing of Mike Brown:

I think it’s messed up. I think a lot of times what I think is, honestly, us New Yorkers when it comes to situations like that we kind of soft as a city. Don’t get me wrong our police are probably like police were in the 90’s in L.A…

Police are like that in New York today because everybody makes a big deal about Mike Brown, and that is a reason to make a big deal, a very big deal. But it was a guy [Garner] two weeks prior to Mike Brown who got choked out by the cops for just selling cigarettes. He got choked out on camera. Mike Brown, I don’t if there was a tape – this dude actually gets killed on camera by the police in a chokehold.

You got the guy Sean Bell four or five years ago gets shot nine times with no weapon. Police get off. They get desk jobs. Police from this guy the other day in New York, they sweep that under the rug. We don’t talk about it, it’s cool.

But the Mike Brown situation, everybody in St. Louis go crazy. They wild out, as they should. I’m not promoting no violence, or acting like they should be crazy, but something got to be done. They taking a stand as opposed to New York. We got two people who died recently from police. We don’t say nothing. Then it happened with Mike Brown, and everybody in New York is “Mike Brown, Mike Brown.”

Nothing taken away from the Mike Brown situation. That s**t was f**ked up and something should be done. I’m p##### [President] Barack [Obama] ain’t say nothing about it yet. But just in general it happens in New York a lot. We sweep it under the rug, but we quick to jump on the Mike Brown bandwagon. We got n***as getting killed by police daily, and we don’t say s**t. So I’m upset about the Mike Brown situation as well as the other situations that happened in New York.

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Watch Cam’ron’s interview below.