Mötley & Wix Patton Trend Across Social Media with New Single “Bring The Krüe” Viral Video

Motley Bring the Krue

Splash Life Booking and Symphonic Distribution Have Facilitated A Major Push to Stardom For Mötley; His Debut Single “Bring The Krüe” Is Available Now!!!

Splash Life Booking and Symphonic Distribution Have Facilitated A Major Push to Stardom For Mötley; His Debut Single “Bring The Krüe” Is Available Now!!!

Recently rising artist Mötley inked a groundbreaking distribution partnership with Symphonic Distribution, a move facilitated by his manager, Dollah Dae, the owner of the famed Splash Life Booking 

It’s a move that appears to be paying off big time as this past week Mötley and Wix Patton began to trend online with a new live performance of their song “Bring The Krüe” filmed in Mobile, Alabama.

The journey leading up to this pivotal moment has been a testament to Mötley’s resilience and commitment to his craft. In a recent conversation, Mötley shared insights into his life and career, emphasizing his deep connection to music as an emotional outlet.

“I started music when I was around 10, after my dad passed away. Music became a way for me to channel my emotions and experiences, and it has brought me a long way from where I started,” Mötley revealed.

The decision to relocate to Kentucky from his hometown in Mississippi was prompted by a personal tragedy, demonstrating Mötley’s determination to overcome challenges and pursue his passion. Settling in a small town near the mountains, he found solace in the creative process, translating his emotions into compelling lyrics and melodies.

The turning point in Mötley’s career came when he caught the attention of Symphonic Distribution, a renowned platform that has propelled artists to global recognition. The deal, orchestrated by Symphonic A&R Executive & his manager Dollah Dae, represents a significant milestone in Mötley’s musical journey.

Dollah Dae, in reflecting on the partnership, said, “Mötley’s music is a breath of fresh air. Symphonic Distribution recognized the authenticity and raw emotion in his work. This deal is not just about numbers; it’s about supporting an artist with genuine talent and a unique voice.”

The authenticity in Mötley’s music shines through in his diverse range of tracks, from rap to rock, and even country. His ability to connect with listeners on a personal level sets him apart in an industry saturated with superficial narratives.

Commenting on the distribution deal, Mötley shared, “I’m grateful for this opportunity. It’s not just about making music; it’s about connecting with people and sharing genuine emotions. Symphonic Distribution believes in that, and I’m excited to see where this partnership takes us.”

Looking ahead, Mötley and his team have outlined an ambitious plan, including the release of a new single in March, titled “Bring the Krüe,” followed by a full project titled “Fast Lane” later this summer. Additionally, Mötley is gearing up for a tour that aims to bring his music to a wider audience.

The manager, Dollah Dae, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming projects and emphasized the importance of the artist’s versatility. “Mötley’s music speaks to various genres, and we want to showcase that. We’re not limiting ourselves to one style. This is about reaching people on different levels,” Dollah Dae explained.

The collaboration with Symphonic Distribution has brought newfound energy and support to Mötley’s career, setting the stage for a promising future. With a captivating blend of authenticity, versatility, and resilience, Mötley is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.