50 Cent Went To Extreme Measures To Successfully Track Down Teairra Mari

50 Cent and Teairra Mari

50 Cent sought the help of a private investigator as he continues his efforts to collect a $50,000 debt from Teairra Mari.

50 Cent put some more pressure on Teairra Mari as he attempts to collect a $50,000 debt from her.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, 50 Cent hired a private investigator to find Teairra Mari. The P.I. managed to track her down and serve her with legal papers on Monday (April 4).

Teairra Mari wound up with a $50,000 debt after losing a lawsuit to the G-Unit leader over an explicit image he posted online. Earlier this year, 50 Cent asked a judge to hold her in contempt since she’s continued to avoid paying him.

“[Mari] has been the subject of repeated sanctions by this Court but has been seemingly unswayed by such actions and has not paid any money towards the Judgment or sanctions against her, making the increased penalties associated with a finding of contempt necessary,” his legal team said in a recent court filing.

Teairra Mari sued 50 Cent for sharing an explicit image of her on social media. A judge sided with the veteran rapper, awarding him $30,000 to cover attorney fees in 2019.

The debt eventually increased to $50,000 since Teairra Mari kept refusing to pay what she owed.

Three years after the initial judgment, 50 Cent still hasn’t received a penny from Teairra Mari. He wants her to provide financial records to the court so he can finally collect his money.