Shock Jock/ Comedian Alex Stein’s Pro-Vaccination Satirical Video Goes Viral And Republicans Miss The Gag

Internet funny man debuted his rapping skills at the Dallas City Council.

Republicans confuse a viral rap joke about the coronavirus with real life. After a comedian did a joke about getting vaccinated, several GOP talking heads quickly commented as if the parody reflected someone’s real-life opinion on the shot.

Alexander Stein takes the mic at an open microphone forum in Dallas. The comedian poses as a nurse when he addressed the city council. The rest is pure comedy.

He says that he wants the idea of vaccination cool and hip, so, he created a rap song.

BRUUUUUHHHH! While in blue scrubs, he starts his rhyme with “Will the read Dr. Fauci, please stand up,” a riff from a Slim Shady rhyme.

Then he spits the most wildly vanilla and satirical lyrics in the world,  “Vaccinate your mom, vaccinate your dad. Vaccinate the happy, vaccinate the sad. Vaccinate your babies, vaccinate them, even if they got rabies.”

He continues, “Vaccinate my life, vaccinate my wife.”

“Vaccinate your DNA. Vaccine created by the CIA.” (ALL FALSE)

“Vaccinate your body,” he says with a hip thrust. “Vaccinate me at the party.”

“Vaccination Freak, Vaccination Freak-A-Leak. Vaccination in my life, vaccination for my wife. I want to vaccinate you all day long, vaccinate me in my thong.”

He then takes Purell and pours it on his body and then breaks out Lysol wipes and starts cleaning the podium.

The clip was originally placed on TikTok and now on Twitter, has received millions of views.
Some people thought it was Pure-ell Comedy!

“Seen during this morning’s Dallas City Council meeting: a rap during open mic about getting vaccinated. Here’s part of it. I missed the part where he squirted hand sanitizer on himself.”

But some … Conservative influencers thought he was serious and missed the whole gag.

Benny Johnson, podcaster and host of “The Benny Show,” wrote,“ This is the end stage of Mass Formation Psychosis. Final Boss.”

Former Chair of the Nevada Republican Party, Amy Tarkanian wrote on Twitter, “The TikTok nurses have taken to doing routines at City Council Meetings. Here’s a nurse in Texas giving a performance that is one-of-a-kind. I wonder who he voted for…”

Ian Miles Cheong, another Republican poster child tweeted, “Everything is wrong with the world.”

Stein wasn’t trying to disrespect those impacted by the virus or with real feelings about the vaccination.  His mother died from the virus in October. On his Conspiracy Castle with Alex Stein podcast, which is problematic for the flagrant use of the n-word, talks about how his mother died and how unbearable it is for him. It even seems in the video, that despite his parody being pro-vaccine, it seems like he believes that the care for her “respiratory” disease quickened her death.