Audio: Foxy Brown Disses Remy Ma Over “shETHER,” Mentions Miscarriage


(AllHipHop News) Fans are looking for a reply from Nicki Minaj, but it seems they are only getting others like Foxy Brown offering a take on “ShETHER.”

Foxy Brown jumped into the fray today after she was subliminally referenced on the Remy Ma diss track. ““I kill rappers, and you good as dead, b####/Talking sh#t about me to a deaf b#tch,” Remy rapped on “shETHER” about the other rappers.

Because of the jab, Foxy Brown, known to have hearing issues, has returned fire with her own diss, which uses Jay Z’s “Takeover” as the backdrop.

“The takeover, the fakes over n####/Got a lil shine, ok? Thank Mona,” Foxy says on the song. “I heard your lil rhymes, ok? Brooklyn I’m on her/I’m on my ’96 sh#t, got the DNA of Hova,” Foxy raps.

And the Brooklyn rapper and recent mother swings well beneath the belt by mentioning Remy Ma’s miscarriage. “I’m a motherf##king BK savage/And I heard about that b#### miscarriage,” she says in the preview.

Check out a snippet of the song below.