EXCLUSIVE: Chinx’s Manager Says Chinx Wanted To Crossover With ‘Welcome To JFK’ (VIDEO)


The release of Chinx’s debut album, Welcome to JFK, is steadily approaching and his manager says he was using his “unique voice” to appeal to a different audience. AllHipHop caught up with Chinx’s manager, Biggs, recently and he says that though the Queens spitter wanted his music to always stay true to the streets, he felt comfortable crossing over with this album.

“With this project he felt more comfortable giving it to the ladies and crossing over and doing what we consider commercial music,” he told AHH. “So when you listen to these records you understand that he was catering to his core audience which was the females.”

Welcome to JFK  is due out Aug.14th and is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Watch the video below to hear Biggs talk about the album’s message and more.