G Herbo: Lame Men Let Women Control Them, Men Are Supposed To Be The Alpha

G Herbo

Swervo shares his thoughts about the potential power dynamic in a relationship.

Chicago-raised rhymer G Herbo made an appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. The conversation included Herbo speaking to Gillie Da King and Wallo267 about dating in the Internet Age.

That particular topic began with the PTSD album creator talking about “groupies” on social media. According to Herbo, he would not be interested in seriously settling down with certain women he does not deem worthy of a relationship.

“The way women carry themselves on the internet, that s###’s cool, it might be fun, even if a n#### f### you, I’m not gonna want to be with you. I’ll never really make you what I got at home,” said Herbo.

The 25-year-old rapper continued, “Even if I was single right now, the s### that you see every day on the internet, I wouldn’t be with that. I wouldn’t want to build a family with none of that s###.”


Gillie and Herbo made it clear they are not interested in pursuing a woman that publicly showcases her sexuality and her body. From that point, the discussion turned to the role men and women should play in a romantic partnership.

“N##### is lame, so they gonna let a woman really control them and dictate their pace and that ain’t really how it’s supposed to be,” expressed Herbo. “You’re supposed to be able to control the tempo. Especially in your relationship.”

The recording artist, also known as Swervo, added, “Not saying you be controlling or narcissistic, but you gotta be the man. It was never designed for the woman to be the alpha in the household. You can’t be a man that way. You can’t.”

G Herbo’s comments were similar to a point Boosie Badazz made back in February when the Louisiana-bred rapper said he would never marry a woman like Lori Harvey because she supposedly has a history with several famous men. Boosie stated he preferred a “good girl” over Harvey who is Michael B. Jordan’s current girlfriend.