Jack Harlow Pic Leads To Clippers’ Lou Williams Being Quarantined After Strip Club Visit

From a funeral service to the strip club, Lou Williams defies NBA rules and must now miss a couple games.

(AllHipHop News) Los Angeles Clippers’, Lou Williams, initially left “the bubble” to attend a funeral.

He was excused by the league since it was a family matter. However, Williams decided to stop by a strip club in Atlanta to pick up food (cos it was the only option to get food, right?).

As a result of the additional stop he made along his trip, he must now quarantine for 10 days. Additionally, he’ll miss the first two seeding games that the Clippers are set to play next week, and cough up $150K in salary.

He must’ve been really hungry.

How did he get caught, you ask?

Well, shortly after attending the funeral, photos of Williams at a strip club appeared on social media.

Apparently, rapper, Jack Harlow, took a photo with Williams and posted it on his profile. Realizing what he did, he quickly deleted the photo but people move faster, and screenshots were already being shared.

“That was an old pic of me and Lou,” he tried to claim, via his Twitter page. “I was just reminiscing cuz I miss him.”

Sure, Jack.

He quickly deleted that post as well. Despite an attempt to cover it up as a “late post,” all of the evidence went against Williams. Now, he must deal with the consequences.