Justin Bieber, Diplo And Skrillex Blamed For EDM’s Downfall Ahead Of Miami’s Ultra Music Festival


(AllHipHop News)  With EDM taking the world by storm over the past few years, it was nearly impossible for Hip-Hop to avoid getting influenced by the sped up beats per minute and varied beat patterns of the dance music world.

One listen to Nicki’s “Truffle Butter” ft Drake and Lil Wayne and you can hear the influence of Maya Jane Cole’s EDM/House music classic, “What They Say.”

But, as the famed Ultra Music Festival in Miami gets ready to kick off tomorrow with sold out venues across South Beach, a scathing new Miami Herald article paints a much different picture of the EDM world and it’s undercurrents.

In particular the story took aim at a host of popular DJs like Diplo and Skrillex who have “dominated” the performance circuit, “leading to repeat appearances and fan burnout.”

In addition to”fan burnout,” the article points at popular EDM venues closing like Miami’s Mansion.  Reportedly the club booked Afrojack for a one-night rate of $150,000 and failed to break even. Later the club would close after 11 years of business.

The rate isn’t uncommon though as some DJ’s like Calvin Harris (who is dating the Kanye the favorite Taylor Swift) makes “$400,000 at a luxurious Las Vegas nightclub such as Omnia in Caesar’s Palace.”

Other elite acts reportedly make an upwards of $200,000 to $250,000, which in turn is blamed for rising ticket costs that the core consumer can’t afford.

To add to the high ticket prices and repeat performances of big names, the article says that some EDM fans aren’t too happy with the fact EDM has become “central to mainstream pop,” like in the case of the RIAA Platinum song “Where Are Ü Now,” produced by Diplo and Skrillex for Justin Bieber.

Is all the finger pointing warranted? A quick glance at both Skrillex and Diplo’s Instagram pages would tell you otherwise.

Skillex is well known for his work with ASAP Rocky among others in the Hip-Hop world, but has received Gold or Platinum honors on more than 10 records in his career as a solo act.

As a solo act Diplo has produced for a T.I., 2 Chainz and M.I.A. to name a few. He is also the founder and manager of his Mad Decent imprint.

As a lead member of Major Lazer, Diplo and his crew hit the top of the charts with their hit “Lean On” ft Mo and DJ Snake.

Major Lazer also had success their song “Bubble Butt” that went RIAA Gold and featured Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga and Mystic.

No comment from Diplo or Skrillex at the time of print.