Kanye West Offers Lucrative Job To Christians Only

Yeezy turned to Twitter to find someone to help him manage his billions.

(AllHipHop News) Earlier this year, Kanye West joked with the world that he might change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West for at least a year, to let people know that as a businessman he is a competitor, he is prosperous and he is a saved by grace.

And his desire to put Christian at the top of his name is so pressing because he wants to send a message to the world.

What is the message?

Above all things, he fashions himself as a “Man of God” over all of the other titles that the multi-hyphenate actually carries.

This is why he wants Michelle Tidball, a Christian life-coach and preacher from Wyoming, to run on his ticket as his vice-president in this year’s presidential election.


And, he wants to make sure that the person in charge of his money over his various businesses is also a Christian. He posted on his Twitter the following smoke signal to let the world know what kind of person he is looking for in his C-suite.

“I’m topping 5 billion and I’m looking for a new trusted Christian CFO”

There is no word who he is looking to tap.