Latto Slams Body-Shamers Over Her “Pointy Butt” & Talks Pressures Female Rappers Face


Latto denied having a “pointy butt” while speaking out against body shaming and the unrealistic standards of perfection imposed on women.

Latto recently spoke out against body shaming and the pressure women face to look perfect all the time.

In an interview with Angie Martinez, Latto addressed the criticism she received on the internet regarding her body, particularly her “pointy butt.”

I had to post some footage for them like ‘oh baby, don’t forget Rolling Loud, don’t forget the birthday bash. Baby I gave the video evidence from all angles. This thing claps for real,” Latto said.

Latto’s candid remarks shed light on the tremendous pressure women face to conform to certain beauty standards, which can have a profound impact on their mental health and self-esteem.

“I’m very confident, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, I’m very in my head a lot too,” Latto said. “So, when they be like, ‘Oh, she gained weight,’ I’d be like, damn, I need to get on a treadmill. That stuff does mess with your head. Even not even as a woman. It’s just women in general. We’re held to a standard like you gotta look like you just stepped off a magazine at all times. It’s just like, dang. It’s a lot.”

Even in the midst of her success, Latto admitted to struggling with body image issues, which is something many women can relate to.

“I know all about it. Like, I take a million pictures,” she continued. “I got good people around me that don’t let me go too hard on myself. Like, I overanalyze everything. And I know it’s because of the industry I’m in, and social media. Before I post something, I’m like, ‘Oh, I know they’re gonna say this, or I shouldn’t post that.’ I’m trying to stop doing this. But we’re human. We’re human. It’s hard.”

Latto’s experience is a reminder that women, no matter how successful or confident they may seem, are still susceptible to the negative effects of body shaming and societal beauty standards.

It’s crucial that we continue to challenge these harmful beliefs and support women in their journeys to self-love and acceptance.