Meek Mill Claims Smoking Weed Daily Makes Him Depressed

Meek Mill

Meek Mill prompted a range of responses from his followers, some agreeing with him while others suggested he smoke a different strain.

Meek Mill says he’s happy when he’s sober and smoking weed daily makes him depressed.  

“I smoke weed everyday and get depressed and soon as I get high,” he tweeted. “I be happy as hell sober lol it just helps me think deeper and more realistic lol.” 

Knxwledge Says No More Meek Mill Remixes

Meanwhile, Knxwledge is taking down his series of Meek Mill remixes and says the age of remixing in Hip-Hop is coming to an end.  

Producer Glen Boothe, aka Knxwledge, created a series of popular mashups of the Philly emcee’s raps. However, he took to Twitter on Sunday (Jan. 9) to inform his followers that he is pulling his Meek tapes after receiving a copyright strike.  

“I’m not sure whats more idiotic. taking down music that’s giving you more exposure or simply not knowing what a f###### remix is. n##### really copywrite striked a corner freestyle that I had permission to flip from videographer.” 

He reposted a clip of a remixed old Meek Mill freestyle, although did not state if this was the one he referred to in his tweet.  

Knxwledge continued, “Only reason I can think of is bc this 1 remix got more plays then bro has in the last 10 years. either way the meek series is over w. grab the tapes while you can. to all my heads keeping the raw remixes alive its only a matter of time till the art of remixing is fully dead. be safe, get a lawyer & thanks for always listening.” 

In other news, Meek Mill has told his fans to get an Ethereum address if they want to hear his new project, suggesting his tape will not be available on streaming platforms

“You gone need a eTh address to hear this new mixtape … google how to get one asap! Now I can really rap.”