Megan Thee Stallion’s Producer Lil Ju Blasts Tory Lanez After Shooting Incident

The evolving story of what happened that night in Hollywood is far from over.

(AllHipHop News) There are still a lot of questions about the violent incident involving Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion that happened on Sunday, July 12. Some people are pointing to Lanez as the reason that Megan apparently suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

Not long after the news broke of a shooting that took place around 4:30 am in the Los Angeles area, reports began to claim that Megan was the “victim” in the situation. Lanez (born Daystar Peterson) was arrested for a gun charge and reportedly later released on $35,000 bail.

One person closely connected to Megan Thee Stallion has offered his thoughts on the matter. LilJuMadeDaBeat, the producer of Meg’s “Big Ole Freak and “Captain Hook” singles, took to Twitter to offer a warning to Lanez.

“@torylanez count your f*cking days,” wrote Lil Ju in a now-deleted tweet. Following an apparent statement from Lanez’s camp claiming he was protecting Megan that night, Ju added, “I hope y’all don’t believe he was defending her! This [is] a bullsh*t story.”

After social media users accused LilJuMadeDaBeat of clout chasing and snitching, the Texas native posted, “I care about my people being straight! Give a damn about some clout. And snitching is talking to the police.”