Miami Beach Mayor Proposes Alcohol Ban To Quell Angry Locals


(AllHipHop News) Officials in Miami are doing all they can to quell local residents’ concerns about the late night crowd on Ocean Drive.

Earlier this week, Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine proposed a new ordinance that will limit liquor sales on the famous street.

The city held a commission meeting last night (July 13), where a number of issues were discussed, including how to make improvements in the areas of Ocean Drive from 5th to 15th streets.

Mayor Levine believes banning alcohol sales after 2:00AM will help reduce the amount of crime that police and the locals say is ruining Ocean Drive.

“Our Police Department and the media have reported everything from prostitution and drug dealing, to disorderly conduct and muggings,” Mayor Levine said.

According to Mayor Levine, the city is spending too much taxpayer money to make sure Ocean Drive doesn’t become a flashpoint for more problems.

“This lawless disruption is unacceptable to everyone who comes here and everyone who lives here, it has escalated to the point that many residents feel compelled to avoid the area altogether.”

The news of the proposal comes on the heels of the announcement of Akinyele’s new KOD establishment that is opening on Ocean Drive.

Locals protested the opening, claiming its mere presence will only add to the locals’ woes.

Akinyele disagreed and labeled the protests a “modern day lynching,” since he has the only black-owned restaurant business on Ocean Drive.