Shyne In Car Accident

Shyne helped delay the Jury selection process in the the gun and bribery trial of Puff this weekend. Shyne was arrested after a car accident in Manhattan and charged with driving with a suspended license. Shyne was driving a silver Mercedes when he collided with the other car. According to investigators, he was not at […]

Everlast Show Turns Into Chaos

Everlast’s feud with Eminem has taken a more serious turn. Reports are coming in from our representatives in Detroit, stating that when Everlast took to the stage at St. Andrews Hall tonight (Friday Feb.2, 2001). He was allegedly speaking Ill of Eminem, calling him amongst other things, a "f###### midget" took shots at D-12, Eminems […]

27th AMA Awards Nominees

In case you missed the 27th American Music awards, here is how Rap/Hip-Hop music did in the respective categories. The Artist or album that is bold and red is the one that won in that category. Favorite Rap Group: DMX Jay-Z Juvenile Favorite Male Artist (Pop): Lenny Kravitz Will Smith Ricky Martin Favorite Male Artist […]

Russell Simmons Enters Telecom

Russell Simmons unveiled his latest endeavor, the RUSH Communitcator project. It will make all types of wireless devices accessible to anyone who needs it or wants it, via one prepaid phone card, The One Card. The card will be usable for cell, long distance, 2way pagers, alphanumeric paging, internet appliances and local telephone dialing services. […]

Shyne’s Lyrics Are Put On Trial

Shyne’s were put on the stand during a pretrial hearing in court Wednesday (Jan. 10th). Arguments from both sides did not persuade Judge Charles Solomon from ruling on the matter. The judge asked both sides for written arguments before he made a ruling. The prosecution wants to use Shyne’s lyrics against him in cross examination. […]

Suge Sends Message To Snoop?

Suge Knight, who showed his compassionate side recently by donating over $20,000 to a school who’s play ground needed to be repaired, is also showing the more familiar menacing side. If you go over to and watch the flash intro, it is more than apparent that there is going to be serious problems when […]

Jay-Z Hits USA Today

Jay-Z continues his assault on mainstream America. After releasing the double platinum album, The Dynasty and launching a new record label (Carter Faculty), Jay-Z will be on the cover of USA Weekend on January 28th. He will also be on Madtv in the next few weeks. Check out the official Jay-Z site, for more […]

Ludacris Hits The Road

Ludacris, who’s debut Def Jam South album Back For The First Time is certified platinum and was fueled by the Neptunes produced smash Southern Hospitality, is hitting the road with fellow ATLiens Outkast to spread some more Southern Hospitality. The 30 city tour begins on February 28th 2001. Here are the dates: Feb. 28th: House […]

Xzibit Hits Number 1

Loud recording artist, Xzibit, who this year garnered a massive amount of attention across the country first on the “Up In Smoke” tour with super-producer Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Eminem and more recently on the “Anger Management” tour performing alongside Eminem, Limp Bizkit, and Papa Roach, DEBUTS at #1 with the Dr. Dre Executive […]

Dr. Dre Turns Down Mike

Dr. Dre turned down an offer to work with the King Of Pop according to Sonicnet. After working on mega successful albums such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and his own Dr. Dre 2001, Dre said he would rather work with new talent. Dre told MTV Radio at the American Music Awards: " Somebody approached […]

Brooklyn Babylon’s Troubles

Brooklyn Babylon, the movie which stars The Roots own Tariq Trotter, premiered at The Slamdance Film festival in in the opening slot despite protests by the films domestic distributor, Artisan Entertainment. the hip-hop love story “Brooklyn Babylon” screened in the event’s prime slot on Saturday anyway. According to Artisan spokes people the movie’s producer, Off […]

CNN Want Off Of Tommy Boy

Capone-N-Noreaga are actively seeking to end their recording commitments to Tommy Boy Records. According to sources, the group is very unhappy with the way Tommy Boy promoted their last album, The Reunion, which reunited Noreaga with his partner Capone, who was incarcerated. Noreaga said: "This is our last album on Tommy Boy. Tommy Boy never […]

Eminem To Do His First PPV

Eminem will be broadcasting his first pay per view concert February 17th. The concert will be recorded January 20th for a private audience in Los Angeles, will also feature his other group, D-12. The cost of the show to watch on your cable pay per view channel will be $19.95. Eminem will then begin his […]

Ghostface Working On New Album

Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah is currently in the studio, recording the follow up album to his certified gold album, Supreme Clientle. The new album will reunite Ghostface with his partner, Raekwon The Chef. The album, titled Cuban Linx 2: Bullet Proof Wallet is slated for a release date of April 3, 2001. Ghost has […]

Sticky Fingaz Keeps Busy

Sticky Fingaz, who will release his debut solo album, “Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones” on February 27, 2001 on Universal Records, has a parallel career as an actor and has, in fact, been acting almost as long as he has been rapping. At the Sundance Festival, he will be a featured performer in […]