Rapper Drake Plays Soothing Music When He Goes To The Bathroom

Rap star Drake is one of the richest rappers in the hip-hop game, and he’s putting his money to use in his new mansion in Toronto.

(AllHipHop News) Being the biggest rapper in the world comes with perks.

Insert Drake, whose mansion in his hometown of Toronto trumps any house featured on MTV’s “Cribs.”

TMZ recently obtained photos of some of the mansion’s amenities, which include an entire OVO basketball court.

The photos reveal that construction on his house is officially finished.

The photos reveal an opulent living space, from the living room to the gorgeous pool, on down to the chandeliers.

But one thing that did not go unnoticed: the singing toilet.

The “Money In The Grave” rapper invested in a musical toilet that begins to play soothing, ambient sounds when it opens up automatically.

The pictures also reveal a lush lounge that comes laced with a bar so Drizzy can throw his private parties.

The vast closet space is certainly big enough to hold all his OVO gear, with its rows and rows of dressers.

One week ago, Drake officially received approval from the city for fences that were taller than normal.

His team pushed for the 4.4 meter-high walls for security purposes — and to shield him from his neighbors in the Bridle Path neighborhood.

When’s the house-warming Drizzy?