Rick Ross Celebrates Final Child Support Payment, BM Claims He’s Hiding Secret Kids 

Rick Ross

Rick Ross will be making child support payments well into his seventies, claimed Tia Kemp, who alleged he has other children. 

Rick Ross had more than one reason to celebrate this past Father’s Day weekend as his child support commitment came to an end. However, the mother of his eldest son claims he will be making payments into his seventies. 

On Monday (June 17), the MMG honcho took to Instagram Live to rejoice over his final payment. 

“What would you rather celebrate, Father’s Day or the date of your last child support payment?” Ross questioned. “Or, what if your last child support payment was on Father’s Day weekend? That’s what you call divine divinity.” 

However, his son William Roberts III’s mother, Tia Kemp, received a message from a friend informing her of Rick Ross’s celebrations, prompting Kemp to rain on his parade. 

“I came over here to cuss a b#### out,” she began. “You stupid silly muthafucka. Who the f### give a f### about your child support payments, b####. And if I want some more, I’ll take my ass over to family court and get some while he going to college.” 

Furthermore, Kemp implied Ross has multiple other children and will be paying child support for decades. “You got to worry about them eight or nine over there you got,” she added. “You going to be paying child support for [them] ‘tlll you about 70.” 

Earlier this year, Ross called Kemp his “biggest op” in his verse on Future and Metro Boomin‘s “Everyday Hustle.” Kemp clapped back, claiming Ross was hiding a secret love child who looks like Drake.  

“You oughta rap about your muthafuckin children you around here hiding,” she said. “I want to see my stepson that look like Drake.”