Slain Punjabi Rapper Sidhu Moosewala Life Story To Be Turned Into Film

Sidhu Moose Wala

The movie will show the dangers of the Punjabi music industry and gangster life in India.

A book about the assassination of Punjabi rapper Sidhu Moosewala is about to be adapted into a film and aims to shed light on his death. According to The Statesman, the rights to the book “Who Killed Moosewala?” by Jupinderjit Singh have been acquired by Matchbox Shots.

As previously reported by, Moosewala was killed in India on May 29, 2022, at the age of 28. He was a victim of a drive-by. The shooters shot up his vehicle, leaving 30 casings on the ground around the crime scene. He was declared dead after being rushed to the hospital.

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The author said the book put a spotlight on Punjabi music and some of the darker sides of the culture. He also knew almost immediately that people wanted to see it as a movie.

“The moment the book was published, there was a lot of interest from various production houses. I was really impressed with the kind of work Matchbox Shots is producing, and I am thrilled that they have taken the rights to the book to develop it further,” Singh said.

Representatives from Matchbox Shots said that the film will demonstrate a connection between gangster culture and the music industry, and all the ways those two dynamics impacted Moosewala’s life.

“We have always found the macabre relationship between the music industry and gang wars in Punjab extremely intriguing,” Sarita Patil from the company said. Adding, “With Jupinderjit’s book ‘Who Killed Moosewala?’ we know we have a strong backbone for our story.”

One principal on the project is Dikssha Jyote Routray, who said that the story crafted by Singh is “a narrative that demands contemplation and understanding.”