Young M.A. Makes Power Move With New Liquor Deal

Young M.A. snatched a bag with a new endorsement deal.

Now we know why Young M.A. dropped her single “Off the Yak” in February.

Her latest bag is coming from a new endorsement with the NYAK Cognac, a premium cognac brand (80 proof) that is reportedly smooth tasting but at an affordable cost. Never heard of NYAK?

It is a new adult-beverage created by three executives, business mogul and CEO of Detroit Equities, Dennis McKinley; Former VP for Remy Cointreau, Patrick Charpentier; and former EVP of Seagram’s Spirits and Wines Jerome Hyafil.

They have joined forces like Autobots to give the public a product that will be competitive as it challenges industry heavyweights like Hennessy, Hine, Courvoisier, Martell, and Rémy Martin.

The team is banking on being the industry’s Optimus Prime and having the Kings County Captain be their Arcee.

The rollout is scheduled to pop off in 10 states representing five different markets: Florida, Texas, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Delaware, and Connecticut.

“NYAK is premium cognac and the culture loves cognac. We want to connect the NYAK brand to change agents in the culture…the artists who push the needle and drive our culture with their innovative artistry,” McKinley shared. “Our collaboration with Young M.A will be the first of many as we keep our finger on the pulse of what and who is shaping culture and lifestyle.”

A part of her responsibilities for the endorsement deal is helping the brand launch their “Celebrate Success” artist series.

“Celebrate Succes” will spotlight various musicians, singers, and rappers that the brand thought leaders believe push the envelope in live performances, exclusive video content, and original social media visuals.

We see you… off the “Yak” and now on that “NYAK!”