Did This Club Book A Boosie BadAzz Imposter?


Something isn’t adding up about this one. LOL. Fans in Columbus, Ohio are saying that a promoter tried to get away with hiring a fake Boosie BadAzz to perform at their venue. A fan in attendance told The Shaderoom, that they knew it was an imposter when the fake Boosie hit the stage.

They also said people were asking all day why he looked different, but some were blaming it on him having cancer.

The fan went on to say that they felt bad for the fake Boosie, because by the time he finished lip syncing the one Boosie song that he performed, the club was practically empty. Interestingly enough, Boosie issued a statement on his Instagram saying,

“If yall noticed I haven’t posted a video or pic nor have I posted a snapchat video in the last week since my oral surgery. In the photos that were snapped of me you can see why I hadn’t posted. My face is still swollen from surgery. Cancelling my shows was not a option this weekend. I still performed in full, despite pain, and doubt.”

I don’t know. This guy doesn’t look like Boosie. Maybe Boosie couldn’t make this show and was in on it with the promoter to make the show go on. What are your thoughts?


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