Future’s Best Friend Pulls A Gun On A Female?


Photo by Johnny Louis WireImage

Allegedly,one of Future’s friends tried to rob a female at gunpoint. The alleged victim’s friend claims that Future’s best friend tried to rob her roommate after she wouldn’t take him to the studio the next day. The girl said she went to Future’s house and took two of her girls with her to be cautious. They got bored and left after Future had to leave to shoot a music video. So the next day one of the girls, Ariel, returns to Future’s home, and allegedly Future tells her to go in his room and undress and wait for him. Supposedly, Ariel gets tired of waiting and when she decides to leave, Future’s friend tells her not to leave because Future said “wait.” When she insists that she’s leaving, Future’s best friend ask her to take him to the studio where Future is, and offers to fill up her gas tank but really only ends up handing her $10. Supposedly, Ariel told Future’s best friend to get out of her car, and he allegedly told her that he had a gun on him and he would rob her for her wallet and cell phone if she didn’t take him to the studio. Allegedly, the only way she got away with leaving him on the side of the road is screaming help to a police officer she spotted. Groupies…. well you have to…. stop being groupies. Future’s best friend is still in the wrong if this happened, but groupies just put themselves in some of the most interesting situations.

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