Hip-Hop Rumors: Erica Mena Says K. Michelle is Scared to Shoot ‘LHHNY’ Scenes With Her

Erica Mena says K. Michelle is a hater who is scared to shoot Love & Hip-Hop scenes with her.

The K. Michelle and Erica Mena beef storyline on Love & Hip-Hop hasn’t started to unfold yet but we know from previews, interviews and general word on the street that they don’t get along. The new word on the street according to Erica Mena is that K. Michelle has been hating on her for no reason. Mena also called K. Michelle “trash and says that she’s scared of her NY-realness.

“I haven’t really had the pleasure of going face-to-face with her,” she told DjsDoingWork.com. “She has a lot to say about me, but she’s scared to shoot with me.”

The two haven’t gotten into a physical altercation just yet but it might be brewing.

“She’s coming from out of nowhere. Now, all of a sudden she has some harsh opinions about me, and she doesn’t even know me,” she said. “Right now, she’s just feelin’ her own $h!t! In the Concrete Jungle, there’s definitely no Southern hospitality. Anyone who’s gotten in a fight with me doesn’t last. I’m starting to feel like I have these secret powers where I get to kill people off one by one.”


I kinda want to see that fight though. My money is on Erica. Did you see that footage of her drop kicking her baby daddy?