Hip-Hop Rumors: Rapper Mothers Being Courted For a Reality Show?

The mom’s among hip-hop’s royalty have yet to get a reality show but there’s a strong likelihood that it’s coming.

By now we’ve met more than a few colorful rapper mom’s via reality TV but none of them have had their own show just yet. However, it might be worth holding your breath for. This is a rumor that seems to come and go in cycles and it’s back.

There’s a few hip-hop mom’s in the game who are friends and associates–think Bow Wow, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Lil Scrappy and Waka Flocka. They’re not one big group of friends, it’s more like sub groups of women who are cool with each other. The former three spend most of their time in Miami while the latter two (Momma Dee and Debra Antney) in Atlanta. They’ve all been courted and are still being courted every now and again for a reality show.

Antney is probably the most sought after but she isn’t into the idea. She’ll make an appearance on someone else’s show here or there but her focus really is just the behind-the-scenes business side of things. Some of the other mom’s in the equation are waiting for the right set up because they don’t want to potentially embarrass their sons. The moms mentioned above aren’t the only mother’s in the game who have been approached (hello Mama Jones), they’re just the ones who are most desirable to production houses. Don’t count out the possibility of seeing them on a tube near you, the pitches are still coming in hard body.

My ear is to the ground for this one.