Is André 3000 Secretly Plotting A New Rap Album Too?

andre 3000

Andre 3000 is an artist, through and through, but does he have some Hip-Hop magic under his sleeve? Our rumors are on fire with anticipation.

I hold immense respect for André 3000; his contributions within the realm of Outkast have been nothing short of extraordinary. Even beyond the confines of Outkast, his artistic endeavors have consistently dazzled. As a lyricist, he undeniably stands as one of our most revered artists. My curiosity is piqued, and I find myself wondering, “What on Earth is he up to?” I jest, but there’s some seriousness here.

When André 3000 announced the impending release of a new album, his first in 17 years, the entire internet erupted in excitement. Yet, as details emerged revealing it to be an instrumental album predominantly centered around his love for the flute, a collective pause ensued. Personally, I had to take a moment because, truth be told, I’m eager to hear him spit rhymes and weave his lyrical magic. His prowess as a flutist isn’t exactly what I anticipated.

However, being the versatile artist he is, what I desire may not align with the pinnacle of his creative pursuits. What does this signify? It suggests a rumor has surfaced, suggesting he has a recorded rap album. Earlier this year, Killer Mike hinted at this possibility, asserting that André 3000 had an album in the works while promoting his own Grammy-nominated release, Michael. Despite later claiming he was “very high and didn’t know what he was talking about,” the seed was planted.

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According to my sources, there’s indeed rap music out there with André’s signature flow. The delay in its release remains unclear, but I suspect ageism and apprehension may be at play. André 3000 seems hesitant to be perceived as an aging, washed-up artist and is perhaps wary of jeopardizing his illustrious career. This is my interpretation; I firmly believe he’s one of the greatest and is impervious to tarnishing his legacy, a sentiment shared by most people I know. His ability to age gracefully while going viral about a flute-centered album is an amazing feat.

Come on, Dre. We love you and want you to rap AND play the flute.