Kanye West Loses One In Alleged Toxic Work Environment

Kanye West is accused of treating people poorly in his dreams of releasing DONDA to the fans.

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Kanye West has been delaying his highly anticipated album DONDA. If you are you are fortunate, as I am you know that there is a leaked version of the album out already. I am not sure how that version compares to the final, but I am not fully feeling it. I’m not saying it’s not a good project, but I am saying it’s not for me as it is now. At any rate, the energy surrounding the Kanye project has garnered headlines.

Most notably, Mike Dean, the well-known producer that has been the sonic backdrop to some of Kanye West’s best hits, has bounced. That’s right! Mike Dean has departed the whole movement to go home. He reportedly charged Kanye with facilitating a toxic work environment and couldn’t take anymore. And, if you look at the tweets, it seems like he’s completely through. This does not seem like some kind of press plot or a plea for attention. It just seems like dude is completely fed up and sick and tired of working with Kanye West.

I didn’t watch all of the festivities around Mr. West, but some say that he raised his voice at Mike Dean in a disrespectful manner, in front of people. This seems to be the catalyst for Mike Dean’s departure from the Donda situation. I don’t think Yeezy Man’s mother would be proud of him for doing that with his friend! Unless he’s not a friend. At any rate here are some of the tweets and some of the responses that Mike Dean and friends posted on their public social media pages (some were deleted and reposted by fans).


You think Kanye cares?

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Well, Kanye should be good. He still has Cons and Fonzworth as his loyal buds!