NFL TueWop’s Demise: Kodak Black, Boston Richey And A Fatal Ending

Kodak Black

Sadly, TueWop died after seeking to expose Boston Richey, but the next series of events were all bad.

There is more to the death of NFL TueWop than we previously realized.

NFL TueWop came to rise, because he allegedly exposed fellow rapper Boston Richie as an alleged snitch. The overuse of the word alleged is not an accident. That notion led to a sequence of events that ultimately culminated in TueWop’s untimely demise a couple weeks ago.

TueWop’s name first hit headlines when he crazily called out Boston Richey, accusing him of working with law enforcement. This revelation became a double-edged sword for TueWop. He got the clout and he also got booted from Kodak Black’s label.

In our interview, Richey denied those allegations.

On November 4th, 2023, tragedy struck. TueWop was shot and killed in Tallahassee, Florida. The circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery. Nobody is taking blame and nobody is saying a thing. The kid’s death has rippled, because Richie is a rising star! He is also very talented. These allegations took away from his trajectory. That sucked. The feud between the two artists was some serious dirty laundry.

It did not help when the pesky 6ix9ine reposted the alleged paperwork on Twitter. Boston Richey maintained his innocence, vehemently denying any involvement in snitching. Richey’s close associates defended him and said it was a misunderstanding. TueWop looked like he was going to be a star too. Working with Yak is a good thing, but being dropped from from Sniper Gang was a bad look. By the way, there have been other deaths associated with Kodak Black.

The aftermath of all this…just leaves us with more rumors.