Omelly Claims The Game’s Father Confirmed His Stripping Days


This #InstaBeef between The Game and Meek Mill just won’t stop. #InstaFingers one time!

Anyway, It looks like their beef stems from an incident where singer Sean Kingston was hit in the head with a bottle and robbed of his jewelry in Los Angeles.

The Game seems to suggest that Meek Mill was implying that Game set up Sean to have him robbed of $300k worth of jewelry.

The Game and Meek have taken turns sending all kinds of shots at each other on social media, and The Game & Meek Mill both even recorded diss tracks for each other.

The accusations were pretty serious as Game says he was questioned by police over the robbery.

Each rapper’s crews haven’t remained quiet on the sidelines either. Even Nicki Minaj seems to have taken a few subliminal shots.

Omelly posted a video on Instagram that allegedly shows The Game’s father admitting that he was once a male stripper. Meek has had a field day digging up so many questionable moments in The Game’s life, and this clip about Mr. Jayceon as a male exotic dancer certainly doesn’t help.

Dang bruh.

The Game fired back a few shots too.