Plies Roasts Taco Bell’s New Chicken Wings!


Plies could be a stand up comedian the way he roasted the new Taco Bell chicken wings. Watch it here!

Plies is too funny! I could watch this dude fo’ days! Every so often, he busts out with an exceptionally funny video. This is one of those times.

Plies probably the least favorite person of Taco Bell. For those that don’t know, Taco Bell recently unveiled their new line of fried chicken wings. 

The crispy chicken wings are a new addition to the menu. However, and luckily, the offering is for a limited time only. In fact, it won’t even last through the month of January. They are just letting you sample it! 😉

And guess what?

People actually sampled it! A lot of people! Including PLIES! Look at what he said!

I am in TEARS! This is so funny, because they are probably pretty good. They are probably NOT your Kennedy Fried Chicken off the block of any Martin Luther or even a franchise like WingStop.

Wingstop and Taco Bell went at it on social media! And then some.

And then the people went in…boy did they go in!

And here is the final word.

You want to know who is to blame? Lil Nas X:

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Lil Nas X

The Bell Of Taco, has appointed the Georgia native (and the company’s former employee) as its first Chief Impact Officer. I wonder if he has anything to say about this.