Taylor Swift’s “Swag Surfn” Clip Sends Twitter & MAGA Train Into Frenzy

taylor swift

T-Swift is a loose cannon for this one.

Taylor Swift somehow turned Fast Life Yungstaz’s (F.Y.L.)’s 2009 cult favorite hit, “Swag Sufin,” into a polarizing topic over the weekend.

On Saturday (January 13), Swift and Travis Kelce’s mother Donna went viral after the NFL player shared a video clip of the pair dancing to F.Y.L.’s classic record along with a massive crowd. How Swift is aware of the “Swag Surfin'” dance yet the individual running the NFL social media account is completely culturally oblivious to the pop phenomenon is beyond me–but it clearly didn’t get past fans or viewers.

“LMAOOOOO TAYLOR SWAG SURF GOT ME CRYIN,” one Twitter (X) user wrote in a tweet reposting the clip, to which another replied. “I’m irritated because I feel like Travis also probably tried to show her at home.”

The overzealously traditional MAGA (Make America Great Again) train good ole boys’ were also ticked off by the images of Swift shamelessly enjoying a product of Black culture in the middle of a bureaucratically controlled sports broadcast.

“Apparently the MAGA cult is very triggered that Taylor Swift was having fun at a football game last night so I’ll post the clip again for them,” another user remarked.

Others appeared threatened by Swift’s surfin’ and took it as a blatant challenge for a personal dance-off.

“Wait …Taylor Swift tryna have a Swag Surf off with me???!!!! [Crying laughing face emojis],” a user wrote in another tweet.

Overall, the feedback on T-Swift’s “Swag Surfin'” really just turned into a running joke on social media, with people rebranding her moves as “white water rafting” and even eviscerating Kelce for the simple fact he cuffed the singer. Even J. Cole’s manager Ibrahim caught himself rolling behind a remark a user made about the couple post #T-SwiftSwagSurfin’Gate. 

“Travis Kelce can’t catch s### since he been palming them little ass Taylor Swift cheeks,” the user wrote.