Who Did Bill Cosby P### Off?

Is Bill Being Set Up?

So, right now, we have Bill Cosby and the funny man pioneer is at the center of a sh*t storm with a bunch of women claiming that he raped them. But, more and more there is an undercurrent of scrutiny and the question being asked “WHO DID BILL COSBY P### OFF?”

There are no answers, but there are a few things to speculate on.

First of all, Bill Cosby once tried to buy NBC. His son was murdered in an apparent car jacking shortly thereafter. No link between the two was ever cited.

Until the allegations, Bill Cosby was experiencing a great comeback that included a TV show, a Netflix special, a comedy tour and repeated appearances on TV. And then there was the NETWORK. According to rumors and some sources, Bill Cosby was in the process of creating a new network. Nobody really knows what he was doing with the network.

Hollyweird is full of a lot degenerate stuff, most of which never see the light of day. The accusations against Bill Cosby are all very similar, which is his M.O. in the eyes of many. In the eyes of others, not so much. There may be some cooking of the books to get Bill out of there. That’s not to discount what may have really happened.

The timing of it all has not escaped anybody that I know close to the situation. Even still, Bill is in a crazy spot and I am sure, if he did rape those women, he’ll see his day in hell. If not, the people he “p##### off” really got him good.

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