Who Is KRS-One Talking About In This New Hakim Green Song?


Hakim Green returns, but this time he comes with KRS-One…and a fire is started!

Hakim Green is back! The New Jersey OG returns with with another banger and this time he joined forces with his mentor KRS-One, the teacher of Hip-Hop. But aside from being a teacher, KRS is also known to be one of the most ferocious battle rappers known to mankind. He’s known as THE MC and he does not hold his tongue for anybody. Just take a look at the recent interview he’s done with AllHipHop.com and it’s AWESOME in its totality! Anyway, the pair of joined forces again as they have in the past with songs like “Mad-izm.”

But there is a particular line in the song where KRS one seems to be challenging somebody, but we aren’t going to speculate too hard. But we may be able to ascertain who he is talking to through the lyrics.

Now what do you think?

He said:


As rap fans we FEEEEEN for the rap battle, and the Verzuz battle is no longer a battle. It is actually just buddies and fans convening around a celebration of talent. But KRS-One is built a little bit differently. He still lives for the battle challenging artist and seeing who is best. That’s what he does. Hakim Green is here STILL and he is joining forces with him but he’s not calling anyone out.

By the way, Hakim has a dope interview series. Hit up his YouTube page!

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