WTF News: Paraplegic Man Allegedly Stole a Car From Dealership

A paraplegic man allegedly stole a car and sent police on a high-speed chase across three counties.

A man who is paralyzed from the waist down allegedly stole a care from a Florida dealership Wednesday, reports WKMG. The suspect, who is wheelchair-bound, reportedly got into a white 2009 Pontiac G8 at a Ford dealership in Ocala, with the assistance of a salesman.

The 28-year-old then locked the doors and sped out of the lot by using a collapsible cane to work the gas and brake pedals. Police chased him for 50 miles across three counties before authorities gave up.

The suspect was eventually nabbed as he tried to refuel in Bradford County.

The Bradford County Sheriff’s office charged Battice with a non-moving traffic violation and vehicular theft.