Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin Getting Their Own Spin-Off Reality Show?

According to Mouth to, Jim Jones and his outspoken fiance Chrissy Lampkin are gearing up for their own spin-off reality show on VH-1. The working title is “Jim and The Family Jones”, and the show is rumored to follow Jim and Chrissy as they prepare for their first child together and planning their upcoming wedding.

Rumor has it that both Jim and Chrissy are upset with “Love & Hip-Hop” show creator, Mona Scott-Young, and have decided to walk away from the show for greener pastures, creative control, and more money elsewhere. And in more money, we’re hearing they will both be banking $200K each per season.

I’m sure Chrissy will be a bridezilla for sure, especially for that kind of money…and Mama Jones is always ready to show her psychotic ways. Will you be watching?

  • therealest1

    Stupid shit.

  • YL

    I swear Sydney just goes to MediaTakeOut and rewrite all of their stories as “Rumors”. BS

  • MrTroyMercy

    This why all the old posters dipped to face book… Sydney Lace is a cut and pasting , no hustle having female / or male wombat’s reincarnated tick infested left testicle . Yo I use to be illseeds numero uno nemesis (for reason all the old hads know) but I know for a fact dude ain’t coming back here cause this site has faded to obscurity .

    • immackulate

      i thought the OLDHEADS stop coming cuz this new format sux shyt … cuz the rumors (for the most part) always been bootlegg – i wish i could research some of them archives when STC was going in on ILLSEED and his reporting whoas but you cant find shyt from back in the gap before CHANGE CAME

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    glad to see the capo and fam making dat gwap…i hope dey give yandy a show….shorty is bad az fuk and get money on her own grind…you dnt find dat in sistas anymore….marrige material for realz

  • He prolly needs to because his music ain’t doin shit.  I saw this comin though.

  • Thoughtsareus

    Tupac lives !

    • Ballgamemusic

      2 Chainz Remix ”Dam Right Im Faded” (2Cups) 

  • rep87

    More wack azz moments with this washed up rapper and his ol gold digging girl freind VH 1 you can do better or maybe you can’nt? You keep renting these dope head junkies and silly azz females fighting. this is true hot ghetto mess / Why not give our children positive Black role models to look up to instead of fake gang members & bimbos

    • Thycknyss

      If you had’nt been so ghetto with the msg, it might have gone over better for me.  

    • 1Mrswacko

      @rep 87 you sound ignorant. Stop hating

  • Ballgamemusic

    2 Chainz Remix ”Dam Right Im Faded” (2Cups) on Youtube check it out

  • robgee42

    Jim and Chrissy did a great job on Love & HipHop,and the new show will be even more successful with the news that Chrissy is pregant .Jim and Chrissy will do good with there own show.Glad to here VH-1 realized that they have a hit show that is only going to get bigger with two people who fans can relate too.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    dat nigga jones eyes b looking chinese…u knw son is high as hell

  • torreysn


  • Reality TV is worse than the BLACKPLOITATION of the 70’s in my opinion.

  • Veta Talley

    Rep87 what u got? Don’t hate, hatin will get u nowhere

  • vfocused

    I think thats good, cus Chrissy dont need to be on the show with a bunch of other women cus there will always be Drama. Chrissy only handles drama by fighting so maybe this will be Drama but with Family but without the fighting we hope. I think this will be good for her and Jim. Givin Jim something to focus on instead of getting charges and maced by the police. Hope there is some way to invite Yandy to the wedding cus that will seem wrong for her not to make nice and congratulate or do something nice for them cus of her ex-working relationship with Jim. Just a wedding gesture only not for her to be on the show, but to send a gift or be nice since Jim is getting married. Maybe a gesture thru Jim’s mom instead of direct contact cus Chrissy may not want her or her gift anywhere on the premises.


    Is it true that Chrissy has false teeth??? I heard back in the day, she was talking reckless to some nigga from Harlem, and he bust her fronts out. I also heard that she use to mess with one of those cats from the real “Purple City” drug gang from Harlem???

    • Thycknyss

      That might have been Sonoma.  If you recall, she admitted to as having her whole top fronts after being bludgeoned.  #ROUGH!

  • -Thycknyss-

    Chrissy is funkin’ up Jim Jones’ money.  As his wifey, you should be supportive in bringin’ in any loot.  You got exactly what you deserved dealin’ with reality shows.  I’m happy to see that you got lesson one in “You Don’t Run Sh*t” not even Jim.  Keep messin’ with that loot.  Mama Jones will be back in his ear and you will be out the mix. But I do love y’all…….(especially Jim since he got rid of the braids).  Clean cut has always worked best for me, even better with the rough interior. :))

  • Dee Johnson

    I am so glad they walked away from Mona and her whack azz crew. people will hate on jimmy and chrissy while they watch the show. by the way watched the Atl hip hop show and its a bunch of bammas Mona style. was curious and good now and wont be watching that show again. i will wait for jimmy and chrissy. love you guys…