The Last Word: Jamie Foxx Wrongs or Writes TV Classic? Prince Owes Taxes!

How’s everything? The week continues to go by as we reminisce over politicians going back and forth over healthcare despite the historic vote for reform in the House, NCAA basketball tournament brackets being ruined over the upsets taking place and Google and China disputing over the country censoring it among users.  Thoughts and prayers go […]

How’s everything? The week continues to go by as we reminisce over politicians going back and forth over healthcare despite the historic vote for reform in the House, NCAA basketball tournament brackets being ruined over the upsets taking place and Google and China disputing over the country censoring it among users.

 Thoughts and prayers go out to family, fans and friends of I Spy and Greatest American Hero star Robert Culp, who died on Wednesday (March 24). Shout out Lady Gaga for becoming the first artist to generate more than 1 billion views on YouTube and the Vevo network and the sounding boards for showing how nice it is to just relax and enjoy the weather.

 This is it. Prepare for a bumpy ride with…the Last Word for the week ending March 26, 2010.1.       Jamie Foxx Tries His Writing Hand Out With Laverne & Shirley

Continuing on the path of non-original ideas, all signs are pointing towards a big screen remake of the classic TV show, Laverne & Shirley.

 The show’s producer Gary Marshall confirmed to that the wheels were turning on how to give the iconic sitcom’s characters their just due. On board to write the script for the film is someone you may not think of when talking about Laverne & Shirley, Jamie Foxx.

 “Jamie and I are trying to do it. He’s writing it,” Marshall said as he provided a glimpse of what’s in store for movie watchers. “It’s a whole different modern day take on how they came up on the streets during difficult times. Laverne would be this very tough girl with a big ‘L’ tattooed on her arm. Jennifer Garner would play Laverne and Jessica Biel would play Shirley.”

And it wouldn’t be a solid remake without some cameo from the show’s original stars, right? Not to worry, Foxx has that taken care of with plans to write in roles for Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams.

As a fan of Laverne & Shirley, I’m interested to see what the movie will look like. But wake me up when they finally decide to make the big screen version of Good Times or That’s My Mama. I can only imagine who they would get to play Thelma. Any suggestions?

2.       Hugh Hefner Vows to Never be Celibate; Speaks on Being Committed

Think Hugh Hefner has plans on slowing down as he prepares to celebrate his 84th birthday?

I don’t think so. Never one to let a good woman slip, the Playboy founder is more determined than ever to keep his player’s status on active.

“I will definitely not be celibate — I will be celebrating,” Hefner shared with CNN’s Connect the World regarding his birthday celebration, which is set to take place over a number of days with everything coming to a head in Las Vegas. “The following night, I will be taking the girlfriends to Las Vegas and celebrating in a larger venue at The Palms Hotel.”

As many girlfriends he’s had, you would think that Hef had an idea of how many he’s been with. But that may be asking too much, considering that he “stopped counting a long time ago”.

“I’ve never thought in terms of quantity, but more in terms of quality,” Hef said as he admitted to being “in a very good relationship” just one woman at the present time.  And for those looking for a bit of wisdom in regards to the ladies, Hef keeps it simple while referencing how faithful he was when he was married for eight-years.

“I think if you make a commitment, you keep the commitment.”

What can I say? Hef is a man after my own heart.  If Viagra gets it up, keep the soldiers marching two by two.  Ha Rah Ha Rah…


3.       Smokey Robinson and Monica Talk Musical Longevity

With years in and a far reaching influence that extends to today’s artists, its safe to say that Smokey Robinson knows a thing or two about music. And with that comes an appreciation of various genres as the singer reflects on the power of music as one that has the potential to impact the listener.

“I think how wonderful that this music is 300 years old or 400 years old, and we’re still listening to it,” said Robinson, who expressed his recent fascination with classical music to Billboard. “I want to be Beethoven. I want to be Mozart…I want people to be listening to those songs (of mine) 300 years from now.

Although he has a string of hits that are held in high regard by fans, Robinson is still focused on giving fans a quality piece of music.

“That’s my goal. When I write a song…if I had written it 50 years before, it’s gonna mean something today,” the singer stated. “If I wrote it today, 50 years from now it’s going to mean something…So I always want to write a song as a song.”

 Smokey may be on to something as Monica cites different motivation for making eternal material.

“When you have the love of the people you can make albums for years and years to come. I rather that then have one album sell ten million then I’m losing my mind because I don’t know what to do once that is over,” the songbird told Singersroom. “I look at my music as not being for the moment; I look at it being for a lifetime. I speak for a whole generation of people.

4.       Deitrick Haddon Follows Movie Debut With a Trip Down Gospel Street

After years of lifting fans up with his music, Deitrick Haddon is ready for his close up.

The gospel star is hard at work on a series of films, including one he feels could rival a classic hip-hop film.

“It’s going to be like what Krush Groove was to hip hop,” Haddon told BV Buzz about the film, titled Gospel Street.  “I already have like 10 films in the works.”

With production set to start in June, Gospel Street will follow Haddon’s movie debut in Blessed & Cursed. The feature, which also stars Sheryl Lee Ralph, Drew Sidora,  Kierra Sheard, Karen Clark Sheard, Dr. Bobby Jones, J. Moss, Damita Haddon, Jorel Quinn of 21:03 and Rance Allen, is a described as a modern day retelling of the classic story of Saul and David.

Haddon will play Dwight Hawkins, a man struggling to overcome the backlash of his peers and seeking to find his life’s purpose. According to the vocalist, the idea for Blessed & Cursed came after reading up on Saul and David.

“You know I’m a pastor now, so I’m doing more studying than I’ve ever done in my life. I was studying the story of Saul and David and the dynamics within their relationship. This movie just opened up to me,” said Haddon said of the movie, which he wrote.

Look for Blessed & Cursed to be released on DVD on June 15.


5.      Naomi Campbell  Grateful for “Honorary Grandfather” Nelson Mandela; Adopts Kinder, Gentler Self

After all the foolishness and diva like view of the world she’s become known for, Naomi Campbell says she has finally seen the light. And what better time to make a change than the days leading to your 40th birthday.

“I thought I’d never actually make this birthday. I’ve had times when it was hard work for me to look in the mirror, because I didn’t like who I was,” Campbell confessed to WENN. “I’m not proud of the things I’ve done. But I did something about it. I’ve worked hard on correcting my previous wrongdoings, and I won’t be held hostage by my past behavior. I’ve moved on. I want a quieter life today.”

So who managed to get to Naomi? Why her “honorary grandfather,” Nelson Mandela, of course. Ever since they met in 1992, Campbell credits the former South African president with motivating her to bounce back after making a mistake.

“It seems to always happen that every time I get in trouble I see him right after,” she said. “He never tells me off. He just tells me to keep going.”

And so we have Naomi 2.0. The better version of the model knows that her past will make some people question her new attitude, but she seems determined to change.

“Everyone knows what I’ve gone through. I’m human, I make mistakes, but I’ve come clean on them all. I don’t deny them. I’ve taken the heat and felt highly embarrassed by a lot of them,” stated Campbell. “…I’m not above learning lessons. I’m not shirking blame for anything I did. I blame myself. I’m responsible for all my actions. But I’m also responsible for making those changes.”6.       Amy Winehouse  Expresses Love for Her V#####; Leads Effort for Females to Name Private Parts

Ladies: If you love your v##### and are not afraid to show it, then you may have something in common with Amy Winehouse.  Apparently, the embattled songstress has no problem sharing some personal information on her private.

Nothing too personal, mind you. Just the name she’s given it.

“I call it my little VaJew-Jew,” the Jewish singer confided to WENN.

Winehouse’s revelations comes as she lends her support to a new campaign that encourages women to take better care of and talk about their genitals. As part of the effort, the creators of a feminine hygiene product called Mooncup are helping to break the taboo associated with the v##### by launching an online survey.

In addition, the people behind the Mooncup are encouraging women to log onto and reveal the nicknames they use for their vaginas. With Winehouse among those who have followed suit, it looks like the effort is attracting attention.

And there you have it. So ladies, if you feel the need to share the name of your vajay-jay feel,  free to do so  at  It’s your world.

 In Other Words…. 

Diana Ross is hitting the road for her first major tour since 2004. The 17-city More Today Than Yesterday: The Greatest Hits Tour will kick off May 15 in Boston, with stops in New York (May 19) and Los Angeles (June 9) before its final date in Saratoga, Calif. on June 12.Good news for those who watch the BET show Tiny & Toya. The show, which features former Xscape member Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle and Antonia ‘Toya’ Carter, is coming back.

Look for the second season of Tiny & Toya to premiere at 10 p.m. April 13 on BET.

Count Prince among the celebrities who are delinquent on their taxes.  The Associated Press reports the entertainer’s PRN Music Corp and other properties owe more than $450,000 in taxes, fines and interest relating to more than a dozen of the singer’s properties. As a result, Prince is mentioned on a list of delinquent taxpayers for Carver County, Minn. The county’s tax records show that PRN Music Corp. owes more than $227,000 for 2009 taxes to the state and other government bodies.

On February 15, the Carver County taxpayer services manager says a letter was sent to Prince that notified him of the alleged outstanding debt. At this time, the county has received no response from the singer.

Prince has until May to pay what he owes. If not, then Carver County officials will take the matter to court.