Boston George; Brick By Brick


In 2012, Boston George, a then street made but little known elsewhere Houston rapper garnered national fanfare for his “Molly” single, a catchy club track released right during the height of the molly drug craze in pop culture. His flow, raspy at times has a sense of hit making ability to it, churning out a sought after mixtape with Boo Rossini as well as another longstanding Houston club hit, “Strip Club”. Houston’s own Rumplestilskin of sorts, George can seemingly weave any track into gold.

In between leading his AMG label and managing other artists; he’s also managed to craft a new project, and that’s just on a light day. I’ve got to ask, is your stage name in reference to George Jacob Jung?

Boston George: [laughs] Yes that’s one of the places I got it from. I actually stopped by a Subway and after paying for everyone’s food it was like “Who you think you are Boston George?” and it kind of just stuck.

You first jumped into rapping in 2009 before pulling back to focus on running AMG (Authentik Music Group) behind the scenes; who’s currently active on the roster?

Boston George: It was started by me and my boy Whoadie. It was intended for me run, but after I realized it would be harder than I thought he stepped up to help. Marcus ManchildPoonieChampBulu and myself are active.

How hard has it been to create a balance between running the label and managing artists and continuing your own career?

Boston George: I’m not worried about Marcus (Manchild) at all, he gone be good regardless. I’m just going from the momentum if my own situation. In some regards, I have to help myself to be in a better position to help others. It’s a little hard to balance both sometimes but get it done. I wanna do like Birdman did; I can find special people but rapping comes with talent and practice. I have plans for everybody.

You were named one of the “Best of 2013” by the Houston Press for your “Drug War: Da Mixtape” project; did you anticipate everything taking off the way it did?

Boston George: Not at all. It still trips me out. A lot of people already knew me, but it’s about getting people to actually listen to you.

You actually released the Future and Lil Boosie assisted “Rich Off Lean” prior to Boosie’s release; how did you get clearance for a feature from him?

Boston George: Me and Boosie and his brothers are cool. The song was actually done before he got locked up. I been had that song. With Future, I already had a verse from him.

You were actually self-made prior to getting into the industry; has this helped in any way?

Boston George: I have an advantage in a way because I can travel which makes it easier to connect and bump into people. I’m always on the go, just living crazy.

Your Trappin’ In Traffic project with the acclaimed DJ Drama and Texas powerhouse DJ Mr. Rogers is slated for the end of March. Who else can we expect on the project?

Boston George: Rich Homie [Quan], Kirko BangzRick Ross are on there.

In regards to your career, what path do you see it leading you to?

Boston George: It’s so much different s### happening, people hearing my name. I’m just trying to build the momentum.

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