Blueface Brings Exotic Dancers To Rams Game And Might Be Banned As A Result


Blueface went to a Rams football game, brought twerkers and propose to his girlfriend.

Many people don’t know how much Blueface loves football. It was going to be his original ticket out of the hood.

But Blueface took a different path when he started to rap and found his way to reality TV.

Yesterday (October 22) he proved why he is labeled as one of the most ratchet artists ever when the Rams played against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the SoFi Stadium in L.A.

The controversial rapper “Thotiana” watched the game for the first time in person and was blessed to rock out and watch the show in a private suite near one of the end zones.

He turned the area into a private strip club, throwing dollar bills at four girls who pulled their biker shorts down and twerked with thongs on.

Now, the Los Angeles Rams, the team that represents his hometown, might never have him back to their game as a guest.

The free exotic performance was not the only thing that happened at the game.

In addition to the Rams losing, possibly because players were distracted with all the booty bumping in their eyesight, the reality show personality proposed to his girlfriend and high school sweetheart, Jaidyn Alexis.

Rumors say the ruckus of the day caused the franchise to ban the artist from coming back as their guest. The Rams front office did not respond, verifying if that is true.