Cardi B Facing Legal Action For Racy Marge Simpson Halloween Costume

Cardi B

According to ArtNet News, Italian Pop artist aleXsandro Palombo says he created the look in 2013.

Cardi B is facing potential legal action over her racy Marge Simpson Halloween costume, which was inspired by fashion designer Thierry Mugle. According to ArtNet News, Italian Pop artist aleXsandro Palombo created the look in 2013 as part of his series, Marge Simpsons Style Icon. Subsequently, he’s hired attorney Claudio Volpi, who specializes in intellectual property law.

“Cardi B has illegitimately appropriated the work of aleXsandro Palombo for mere business purposes in defiance of the most elementary rules on copyright and Instagram policies,” Volpi said, “with the consequent serious risks, both of compensation and of discredit for her public image.

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Palombo initially reached out through his publicist to Cardi B’s stylist Carter, photographer Jora Frantzis and Atlantic Records’ publicity team about the images. Frantzis was the only one who replied and claimed she’d not been “aware there was an artist behind this image previously” but would be “happy to add the credits.”

Palombo then requested everyone involved to publish a follow-up “remedial” post giving him proper credit and linking to his Instagram page to no avail.

Although no lawsuit has yet been filed, Volpi has sent a formal notice to Carter, Frantiz and Craig Kallman, the chairperson of Atlantic Records, requesting they publish the follow-up post within seven days of receipt as well as correct the previous post. If they fail to comply, he has threatened legal action and will seek compensation for Palombo.