Charleston White Taunts “Dopefiend” Lil Durk & King Von’s Mother, Praises Von’s Alleged Killer 

Lil Durk Charleston White

Charleston White posted a photo with King Von’s alleged killer alongside words for King Von’s mother and Lil Durk. 

Charleston White addressed the late King Von’s mother and sister on Instagram, posting a photo with the rapper’s alleged killer backed by a Lil Durk track. 

On Tuesday (June 11), the controversial YouTuber, who has been going after the Chicago rapper since his death, shared a photo with Lul Timm alongside a letter to Von’s mom. White also targeted Von’s close friend, Lil Durk, playing his “All My Life” collab with J. Cole.  

“I actually met this GREAT YOUNG KING and shook the legendary hand that pulled the trigger to slump and hump King Von!” White wrote in the caption. “My life has been blessed with abundance every since that day I connected with the Spirit of Gods Angel aka ‘The Demon Slayer.’” 

Lul Timm was arrested for the murder of King Von, but the charges were dropped last year.  

White added, “I love and honor this YOUNG N#### RIGHT HERE! He’s a HERO to the N#### NATION! WE SMOKING ON THAT VON PACK TONIGHT, THANK GOD FOR @lul_timm3.” 

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When a commenter tagged Lil Durk, Charleston White replied, ” that dopefiend in rehab,” referencing Durkio’s recent rehab admission.  

Earlier on Tuesday, White responded to Von’s sister Kayla B. She had spotted him in the city and said she would have “beat his ass,” if cops weren’t around.  

“Dear King Von sister,” White replied on Instagram. “I want to kindly remind you that your tough a** de*d brother was slumped at a club in Atlanta, Georgia for trying to fight a little skinny n*gga! I’m sure you don’t want join the hump in the ground gang for thinking you’re tough too!” 

He signed off with, “No love,  Unc.” 

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