Chloe Bailey’s Team Manages Her Twitter Account After Trolls Called Her Too Sexy For The Platform

Chloe Bailey is too busy living her best life and doesn’t have time to be fooling around with Twitter! Read more!

Chloe Bailey deleted Twitter after becoming targeted by online trolls on the platform.

While speaking to ET Canada for a new interview, the “Praise This” star revealed that she has delegated management of her account on the social media site to her team.

Chloe explained that while she used to oversee her own account and uses other social media platforms herself, she deleted Twitter from her phone after receiving backlash from fans for being “too sexy” and being negatively compared to her sister, Halle Bailey.

“When you see me ‘tweeting,’ it’s because I’ll say (to my team), ‘Oh, tweet this for me.’ Or I’ll be like, ‘Send me any viral tweets or anything you think I should respond to or you know I’d want to. Send it my way because you know I won’t see it,'” she said. “I love all social media, and I love Twitter as well, but that’s where you can see all the negative things about you directly in your face.”

The singer/actress continued, “If I see my name trending, I’d click it and see a whole plethora of negative tweets about myself. I don’t need to do that to myself.”

Social media commentators recently criticized Chloe’s sex scene with Damson Idris in the Prime Video series Swarm, to which she responded in her interview that she was “laughing about it” and “proud of her performance”.

However, she maintained that criticism on social media can take a toll.

“I feel that when you continue to be fed the same thing, you’ll start to believe it. And I started changing myself based off what I thought people’s opinions were of me,” the 24-year-old added. “That’s not O.K.”