EXCLUSIVE: Damon Dash Has New $1 Million Headache With “Culture Vulture” Lawyer

A lawyer mercilessly targeting Damon Dash with lawsuits is at it again, and this time he wants seven figures from the rap boss!

(AllHipHop News) A lawyer ensnared in an epic legal battle with Damon Dash wants more money from the rap mogul in his latest lawsuit.

Christopher Brown filed a brand new, $1 million lawsuit against Damon who has already been ordered to fork over $300,000 to one of the lawyers’ clients.

Christopher Brown has not yet revealed what was said to cause another $1 million worth of damages, but now he’s suing Damon in Massachusetts.

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Brown claims Damon defamed him in multiple states including Massachusetts, Hawaii, and New York.

The latest $1 million is on top of the $51 million Christopher Brown is trying to squeeze out of Damon for allegedly groping a photographer and keeping her equipment after a dispute at his Los Angeles home.

Brown also has a pending $7.4 million libel lawsuit against Damon over his constant social media attacks in yet another lawsuit the attorney has filed.

That lawsuit arose out of legal action on behalf of a movie producer of a contested movie called “Dear Frank/The List.”

In April, Christopher Brown won a $300,000 judgment for his client author Edwyna Brooks, after a court battle over the rights to her movie “Mafietta.”

Take a look at the documents: