G Herbo Downplays Labeling Him As Drill Rapper: “I Represent Hip-Hop”

G Herbo

G Herbo called himself a student of Hip-Hop and revealed several of the New York rappers who inspired him.

G Herbo views himself as more than just a drill rapper. The Chicago-bred artist spoke about his love of Hip-Hop and why he transcends the drill subgenre during an appearance on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast.

“I represent Hip-Hop,” G Herbo said. “I’m a student of Hip-Hop. So, you started small when you talk about drill. New York is Hip-Hop. New York is what I fell in love with … New York is the culture of Hip-Hop. The foundation of Hip-Hop, of rap music. That s### bigger than G Herbo. Drill is cool. That’s alright. Bet, G Herbo’s part of drill. I’m a part of history too though. I’m a part of Hip-Hop.”

G Herbo noted how drill took over the current New York rap scene, but he owed his career to the New York artists who inspired him. He mentioned Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Jay-Z and more as sources of inspiration.

“I got my whole style and my swag from New York,” he said. “It wouldn’t even be a G Herbo if I ain’t look up to n##### from New York. So, when we talk about this drill s###, I ain’t know I was gonna be a part of drill or this s### was gonna be a wave. I was looking up to n##### from New York. And now n##### from New York looking up to me.”

Earlier this month, G Herbo accepted a plea deal in a fraud case. He awaits sentencing with a plea hearing tentatively scheduled for Thursday (July 27).