Gucci Mane Writes Open Letter To His Fans


Gucci Mane is the busiest man behind bars. He keeps releasing music without support from a major label and keeps fans abreast about not only his plans post-prison but his thoughts as well.

He recently posted an open letter to his fans via Twitter to remind his fans that he is “more than a rapper.”

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“I am not the typical entertainer,” Guwop wrote. “The difference between me and the average entertainer is they dream of signing to a major label so they can have this giant machine push them and propel them to stardom, but I don’t have that dream. My reality is all I am, all I got. I am the machine behind me. The streets signed me and the Trap named me God. I am a machine. They call me Gucci, some call me Guwop, but they should call me The Machine.”

The Atlanta rapper also released some new tracks in honor of 10/17, saluting his 1017 Records. Listen to them here.