Ice Cube Demands Adam Silver And NBA Drop “Ridiculous Bylaw” Harming His Big3 League

Adam Silver and Ice Cube

Rapper Ice Cube, the co-founder of the Big3 basketball league, has called on the NBA to drop a bylaw that prevents NBA team owners from investing in his league!

Rapper and actor Ice Cube, co-founder of the Big3 basketball league, has called on the National Basketball Association (NBA) to drop a bylaw he believes is unfairly hindering his league’s growth.

In a recent interview with JR Sportbrief on WFAN Sports Radio, Ice Cube expressed his frustration with the NBA’s rule that prohibits NBA team owners from investing in competing leagues.

“The NBA has a bylaw that states that no one who owns an NBA team can invest in a competing league,” Ice Cube explained. “The Big3 is great. We got some of the best players that ever played the game playing three-on-three. But in no way, shape, or form are we competing with the NBA, so they need to cut that out.”

The Big3, a professional 3-on-3 basketball league, was founded in 2017 by Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz. The league features former NBA players and has gained popularity for its unique format and competitive games.

Despite its success, Ice Cube argues that the NBA’s bylaw limits the Big3’s potential by restricting its pool of potential investors.

“The only thing that they can’t invest in is the Big3, and we think it is ridiculous,” Ice Cube stated.

He further explained that the bylaw affects not only current NBA team owners but also those who aspire to own an NBA team in the future.

“Somebody who wants to own a team one day, they’re not gonna get a Big3 team if they have a dream to own the Mavericks one day or The Suns or whatever.”

Ice Cube’s call to action is clear: “They need to drop the clause. It not only affects current NBA team owners, but future owners.”

He believes the NBA should eliminate the bylaw entirely or stop considering the Big3 as a competitive league.