Mavado Says Drake Wishes He Was Jamaican In New Diss Track

Mavado just took his beef with Drake to a whole new level on the song “Enemy Lines.”

(AllHipHop News) Dancehall icon Mavado has taken aim at Drake on his new song “Enemy Line” for appropriating Dancehall music.

While this is the first time Mavado has taken shots at Drake on a record, although the two previously feuded after Drake referenced Dancehall artist Popcaan on his “Only You Freestyle:”

“With Pop Skull in Gaza, but not that Gaza, but still it’s a mazza. N##gas want peace like Cassava. But we let bridge dem burn like grabba. Four in the cliz and one in the headie. Hand no shake, man, hold that stay. You man love pose with the ting for the picture. You man shoulda buss that ting already.”

On “Enemy Line,” Mavado claims that no matter how tough Drake might think he is, or how hard he’s trying to be accepted by the culture, he will never be “from yard.”

“Guh f##k yuhself, f##k yuh fist & fornicate. Cassava piece dat a mi army base. Tell soft and fake likkle sheep, like mormon. Die trying but you will be a yard man.”

Mavado also goes as far as to accuse Drake of secretly wishing he was Jamaican.