Nas Emotional Tribute To Late Mother During MSG Concert: “She’s Here With Me Tonight” 

Nas gave a moving tribute to his mother, who “worked across the street” from the iconic Madison Square Garden where he was performing.

Nas made sure to honor his mother during his sold-out King’s Disease Trilogy Show At Madison Square Garden at the weekend. The NYC icon choked up a little as he reflected on his mother’s hard work but joked that his street cred remains intact.  

“My mother worked across the street at that post office,” Nas announced to the audience as the band played in the background. 

“And she’s here with me tonight! I love you, Mom!” he declared, his voice hoarse, before adding, Got emotional in this s###! Don’t get it f##### up, I’m still a real n####! Aye, ma’, we did it! Every project n####, we made it!” Check out the moving clip below.  

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Nas lost his beloved mother in April 2002 following a three-year battle with cancer. The Grammy Award winner abandoned his concert mid-performance to be with his mother when he discovered she was losing her fight with the disease.  

“When she first told me she had been diagnosed, man I was floored. I was done,” Nas revealed During a Behind the Music VH1 TV special in 2012.

He continued, “I just saw her as the bravest person I had ever meet (sic) in my life… I was like, ‘This is not supposed to be happening… Why is this happening to her? Not this lady, this is the sweetest lady I’ve ever met in my life.'” 

He opened up about her final moments, adding, “I seen (sic) the tear come down her eye and I knew she was waiting for me to get there before she left. It was heavy. It took a lot of thinking on my part: ‘What happens now?'”