Police Confirm Social Media Posts Led Killers To Pop Smoke

Police reveal the dubious plot that led to Pop Smoke’s death in Los Angeles.

(AllHipHop News) On Thursday, authorities arrested five people connected to the death of Brooklyn drill rap star, Pop Smoke.

In addition to detaining the suspects, detectives are now saying that the rising Hip-Hop king may have given the three men and two teenage boys the drop on where he was staying through his social media posts.

Capt. Jonathan Tippet, who is in charge of the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite Robbery-Homicide Division, expressed this theory openly, sharing that the men were there to steal from Pop Smoke, whose legal name is Bashar Barakah Jackson.

Tippet told The Associated Press, “We believe that it was a robbery. Initially, we didn’t really have the evidence but then we discovered some other evidence that showed this was likely a home invasion gone bad.”

The suspects are as follows: Jaquan Murphy, 21, Corey Walker, 19, Keandre D. Rodgers, 18, a.17-year-old, and a15-year-old all of Los Angeles.

All of the males are believed to be members of a South Los Angeles gang, but the police department would not confirm that info.

Pop Smoke’s social media posts included him stunting by an infinity pool in the backyard of the Airbnb that he was staying in, and an image of Los Angeles skyline from the backyard of the same Airbnb.

Another photo showcased the rapper showing off a bunch of shopping bags. In the back clear, one could see the home’s address was partly visible in the background.

“It’s our belief that (the home-invasion robbery) was based on some of the social media” posts, Tippet said. “It’s based on the fact that he was posting his information may have contributed to him knowing where to find him.”