Sonny Digital Has Some Advice For Ari Lennox Following Rod Wave Tour Drama

Sonny Digital

Sonny Digital is convinced Ari Lennox doesn’t need to do arena tour to be a successful touring artist.

Sonny Digital has offered Ari Lennox some support in the form of advice following her recent frustration with Rod Wave’s fans on his tour. On Monday (January 8), the producer shared his thoughts on Lennox’s situation via Twitter (X), suggesting Lennox should do her own solo tour at any capacity.

“I honestly just think she should do her own tour for her fans,” he wrote. “I’m sure the bulk majority of ppl were there to see the headline Rod Wave. I think even more people was anticipating just seeing Rod Wave fall from the building after it started to viral. Ari is popping enough to do her own tour I think esp the way that yall online got her back it shows she has support. The venues might not be arena’s but it doesn’t have to be for her to be a successful touring artist. Just hit your target market, that’s the key! ….all of this is just my opinion btw.”

In a separate reply, Sonny Digital expressed his belief that she isn’t the only artist facing an issue like this—despite claims she’s been singled out.

“I mean if you were doing shows you would know that that’s just something that can come with performing in front of a crowd,” he added. “It’s not exclusively only just happening to her.”

Prior to her recent Instagram Live rant, Lennox had dealt with a heckler in real-time during a Rod Wave concert. Last November, she was nearly struck by a bottle a fan threw onstage while she was performing, but she’d been expecting it.

“That side of the stage, like, I felt the energy,” she said of the viral incident. “I wasn’t surprised that it happened. I felt it. First of all, it was all darkness. That was literally the energy coming from the left side.”