Summer Walker Says She’s Not On Speaking Terms With London On Da Track

Summer Walker

Over the last two years there’s been a lot of vitriol between the two when it comes to their daughter, including allegations of neglect

Summer Walker and London On Da Track aren’t in a good place. At one point, they were in love—at least that’s how it looked from the outside. In March 2021, the couple welcomed a daughter, but their relationship soon fell apart. Over the last two years there’s been a lot of vitriol between the two, including allegations of neglect. In June 2022, Walker accused London On Da Track of using their daughter to make himself look good, sparking on online war of words.

“Don’t make me post alllll the day and mothers you’ve went without calling or picking her up,” she said at the time. “LMAO … I have everyday marked on my calendar, hell I told you to come get her this weekend and you said ‘na you’ll get her Father’s Day almost 2 weeks from now just so you can take your lil pictures n drop her back off. You really a class a narcissist.”

She added, “What’s ‘annoying af’ is every time I get her back she’s in worse condition then when you got her. It’s always some s###!”

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London On Da Track fired back, claiming Walker had their toddler on a vegan diet. He said: “I’m the one keep trying to bring you to court and u stay begging me not to because you have our infant on a vegan diet. Still ain’t over it yu stay blockin me, trying to keep me from my lil one just so you can come on this net and call me a ‘deadbeat.’ You and I know that aint the truth! If you know you right why not bring me to court?? yu like running to the net seeking attention give it up the album out!”

So it comes as no surprise Walker and London On Da Track aren’t on speaking terms. During a recent appearance on Caresha, Please, host Yung Miami asked Walker pointblank, “Are you on speaking terms with London?” to which Walker replied, “Hell no.” She said she recently picked up their daughter from London and wouldn’t even look at him.

Elsewhere in the interview, Walker was asked about the warnings she received about London On Da Track before dating him. She argued everybody knows a woman who’s been tricked by an “ain’t s### n-gga.” She also pointed out her “celebrity” status doesn’t make her immune from getting caught up in an unhealthy situation. Watch her comments below.